About Me

Hi Guys

My name is Johanes Dharmawan

I’m a father of 2 beautiful kids
I’m a photographer and also a videodirector in wedding industries.
Right now i excited of doing internet marketing and how doing online business

It’s been a long time I did not make a new postings on this website due to some activity which I did this time. Previously, I would like to explain a little about the changing of the contents of this website in the future.

Since I decided to resign from my old company that was Friendsnco Pictures at the end of January 2013, I had run the business of photography and videography myself until the end of 2013, but everything was change.

In early November 2012 because of my friendship with Mr. Indra Leonardi (www.theleonardi.co.id) via facebook, bring me as an Art Director to work in the company that he had, time keeps running and eventually on May 20, 2013 I entered into the Company Pak Indra Leonardi as an Art Director or, more precisely Video Director.

Developments continue to occur during my work in this company, it turns out The Leonardi is one company in a group of other companies, namely Kingfoto Group (www.kingfotogroup.com). At the beginning of 2014 in which the promotion I served as Head of the Leonardi Video, but it turns out Kingfoto Group wants me to hold not only divisions videos The Leonardi, I also held the division video of Kingfoto named Videoone, be up to date I served as Head of Video Division.

Previously I would like to thank Mr. Indra Leonardi and Mr Michael Leonardi entrust me to hold a big division in your company both

Therefore, the future of my website will be a little change where usually I just post my work on this website, but in the future I will post the results of my work and our team of video from The Leonardi and Videoone, but if you want to see directly please visit http://www.theleonardi.co.id and http://www.video1.co.id.

In the future this website will become my journey as video director in The Leonardi and Videoone, so I will fill with a variety of interesting TIPS and TRICKS of photography, videography and also business part, and some of good article, I hope we can get more knowledge of all, if you have questions or want to share about photography, videography and business can contact me via message


Thanks & Regards

Johanes Dharmawan


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